Sample screen

The Custom Reports page lists all Custom Reports requested from OSHPD. To open a report, click the report name.

Jane reviews the first Custom Report to check the accuracy of the percentage of records reported as Acute Type of Care. Jane finds that these percentages agree with various current and historical internal reports. She determines the data is accurate as reported.

Jane closes the Custom Report and is returned to the Custom Reports page.

She still needs to research the second Critical Trend flag indicating potential errors in the reporting of Sex. She'll follow the same steps as she did to research the Type of Care flag.

Jane's Trend Edit Summary report indicated potential errors in the Sex data element. In the current report period, 75% of Jane's records reported the patient sex as Male. Historically, Jane's facility reported 27% male patients, so the 48% increase this report period has generated a Critical Trend flag. Jane examines her data and determines that of the 85 records submitted, 64 report the patient's sex as male. She researches further and discovers that 16 of the 64 are duplicate records. Deleting the duplicate records will lower the reporting percentage for Sex: Male from 75% to 35%, which will resolve the Trend Edit error. We'll discuss how to delete records later in this lesson.

For now, let's move on to Comparative Edit errors.


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