Sample screen

When the Report Status shows “Below ETL - Submit As Formal By Due Date,” your data has passed all of the edit programs and is ready to be formally submitted.

Do not resubmit your data file. It will overwrite your online corrections.

You must formally submit your data and receive OSHPD approval by the report period due date. If you miss the due date, your data will be delinquent and your facility will be subject to penalties.

To formally submit your data, simply resubmit your corrections as a formal submission. We showed you how to submit corrections earlier in this lesson, so we'll skip most of the submission pages and just remind you of the steps.

  1. Under Correction in the Main Menu, click Submit Corrections.

    A data type confirmation message is displayed.

  2. Click OK.

    The Verify Facility Information page is displayed.

  3. Verify the facility contact and licensing information.
  4. Click Continue.

    The Select Formal or Test Submission page is displayed.

Let's look at that page again.

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