Test Submissions
Test submission imitates formal submission, but without formal approval. A test submission goes through the same edits and generates the same error reports as a formal submission, allowing the facility to correct its data before you submit it formally. Test submission offers other benefits as well:

  • You can submit test data as soon as the report period opens, maximizing the time the facility has to correct its data before the due date.
  • You can submit data for a portion of the report period to test your file format.
  • You can correct and resubmit data as many times as you like. When the test data meets the established ETL, you can be confident it will be approved when you submit it formally.

A few things about test submissions that you should keep in mind:

  • If you submit more than one file for the same report period, the new file you submit will overwrite all data that you or the facility previously submitted for that period, including any saved records and online corrections the facility may have entered.
  • If you submit partial data, the resulting error reports may not truly reflect the data's accuracy.

Now that you understand the submission types, let's go back to selecting the submission type.

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