Lesson 1: Submitting a File
In this lesson, we'll walk through submitting a patient-level data file to OSHPD.

Before you can submit a data file, you need to log on to MIRCal (see Accessing MIRCal in Module 2: Basics for All Users). Designated Agent access to MIRCal is granted by OSHPD.

Learning Objectives
By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Create a reporting profile
  • Select the submission type (test or formal)
  • Attach the data file
  • Submit the file

Sam works at HDA, the Designated Agent (facility contracted vendor) for CBT2, a large hospital in Central California. He is the individual responsible for submitting CBT2's patient-level data to OSHPD. He logs on to MIRCal, and that's where this lesson begins.

List of tasks in Lesson 1

To begin, click “Contact the Facility” above.

Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Task 1: Contact the Facility