Sample screen

The Error Reports and Corrections page lists the summary reports available to DAs.

Report Description
Edit Program Summary Report Provides a summary of the errors found by each edit program.
Data Distribution Provides a summary of the data submitted for the current report period, broken down by data element and category, such as Sex: Male, Female, and Unknown.
MDC/DRG Grouper Statistics Shows the breakdown of the data into MDC and DRG groups.
E-Code Shows the breakdown of the data into various E-code groups, such as Cause of Injury, Place of Occurrence, and Valid and Invalid E-codes.

You'll use these summary reports when you contact the facility about correcting the errors in their data (in Lesson 3). For now, we're going to discuss viewing, printing, and saving these reports.

As discussed in Module 2: Basics for All Users, you'll need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view the reports. To open a report, click View in the row for the report you want to open.

In our scenario, Sam wants to open the Trend Edit Summary report.

To continue, click View in the Trend Edits row.

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