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When the Report Status shows “Below ETL - Submit as Formal by Due Date,” the file you submitted has passed all of the edit programs and is ready to be formally submitted.

You must formally submit the facility's data and receive OSHPD approval by the report period due date. If you miss the due date, the data will be delinquent and the facility will be subject to penalties.

To formally submit a data file, follow the same process as for a test submission, but select the “Formal” submission type:

  1. Under Online Submission in the Main Menu, click Submit File.
  2. Confirm the data type.
  3. On the Verify Facility Information page, click Continue.
  4. Select the “Formal” submission type.
  5. Navigate to and select the file to submit.
  6. Attach the file.
  7. Submit the file.
  8. Confirm the data type.
  9. Print the submission confirmation.

In our scenario, Sam follows these steps to formally submit the file he had previously submitted as a test submission. As with his previous test submissions, he will check the Submission Status page periodically to see his submission results.

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