Sample screen

When you finish creating a reporting profile, the Submission Status page is displayed.

Before we begin adding a user account, let's review some of the UAA information we discussed in Module 2: Basics for All Users:

  • Only a UAA can access user account maintenance functions.
  • Facility Users have been instructed to contact their facility's UAA if they are having problems with their accounts or if they need to change their user information. As a UAA, you should expect to receive requests to unlock user accounts, change passwords, change role assignments, etc.
  • A UAA cannot create a user account for another UAA or for a Designated Agent (DA). Only OSHPD can create these accounts.
  • To request the creation of a UAA account, send a completed Facility User Account Administrator Agreement to OSHPD. For a DA account, send a completed Designated Agent User Agreement form.

Now let's get back to our scenario. Pam is ready to add Dave's user account.

Under User Information in the Main Menu, click Maintain Users.

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