Hospital Chargemasters and Charges for 25 Common Outpatient Procedures

Welcome to OSHPD's Hospital Chargemaster site, where you can view or download chargemasters and related pricing documents submitted by California hospitals from 2005 to present. AB 1627 (Chapter 582, Statutes of 2003) and AB 1045 (Chapter 532, Statutes of 2005) established and amended, respectively, the Payers' Bill of Rights, and requires each hospital to submit:

  1. Charge description master (a comprehensive list of items and services a hospital charges for)
  2. List of average charges for 25 common outpatient procedures
  3. Estimate of the percentage increase in gross revenue due to price changes.

Learn more about the laws and regulations governing the Chargemaster reporting requirements in the "AB 1045 and the Payer's Bill of Rights"

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