MIRCal – Security Information

MIRCal has built-in security that requires users to meet specific security requirements in order to use the system, including the use of usernames and passwords.

Usernames and Passwords

People who will need access to MIRCal will include:
  • Individuals who will submit or enter data on behalf of the facility.
  • Individuals who will perform on-line corrections.
  • Individuals who need to see status of data submissions on a regular basis.

Each user must have a unique username and password in order to log onto MIRCal. Contact your facility's User Account Administrator to obtain a username and password. If you are unsure of who your User Account Administrator is or if you are a Designated Agent who will submit data on behalf of a facility, contact OSHPD at (916) 326-3935.

Protect Your Password

Security Tips gives MIRCal users information on following User ID and password security procedures to follow industry best practices which should be adhered to in order to ensure data integrity and compliance with the HIPAA security rules.


If you are your facility's MIRCal User Account Administrator, download and complete the User Account Administrator (UAA) Agreement form and return the completed form to OSHPD for processing.
Download Form

Designated Agents

Download the Designated Agent User Agreement, follow the instructions provided, and return the completed form to OSHPD for processing.
Download Form

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