Module 3: Facility Users
This module is designed specifically for Facility Users: the healthcare facility staff responsible for entering/submitting data files to OSHPD, retrieving submission results, and/or correcting data errors.

This module builds on the information in Module 1: Getting Started and Module 2: Basics for All Users. Please complete those modules before starting this one.

This module contains the lessons listed to the right. The lessons are divided by data type so that you can easily take only those lessons applicable to the data you submit for your facility.

  • If you submit only Inpatient (IP) data, take only the IP lessons.
  • If you submit only Emergency Department (ED) or Ambulatory Surgery (AS) data, take only the ED and AS lessons.
  • If you submit multiple data types, take all of the lessons.
Lessons in Module 3

To get started, click “Submitting a File” above.

Each lesson uses a simple, real-world scenario to guide you through various tasks. These tasks include sample screens from MIRCal to give you an idea of what it's like to use the actual MIRCal application. For best results, please complete the lessons in order, starting with “Submitting a File.”

Learning Objectives
By the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • Submit a data file to OSHPD
  • Manually enter records online and submit them to OSHPD
  • Retrieve and interpret your submission results
  • Identify and correct errors, and submit corrections

In Other Modules
Some of the topics that appear in other modules:

  • How to use this training—see Module 1
  • MIRCal basics such as logging on and general navigation—see Module 2
  • Instructions for Designated Agents—see Module 4
  • Instructions for User Account Administrators (user account maintenance functions)—see Module 5
MIRCal application website OSHPD website Lesson 1: Submitting a File IP Lesson 2: Entering Records Online IP Lesson 3: Retrieving Submission Results IP Lesson 4: Correcting Errors ED&AS Lesson 2: Entering Records Online ED&AS Lesson 3: Retrieving Submission Results ED&AS Lesson 4: Correcting Errors