Correcting Errors Online
To correct errors, you may need to add, delete, and/or edit records. We will briefly discuss adding and deleting records, and then focus on making online corrections.

Do not submit a data file after making corrections online in the MIRCal system. Submitting a file will overwrite all of the record additions, deletions, and corrections you have made online.

Adding Records
Adding records may resolve certain types of errors.

To add records online, use the Add Records function under the Correction heading in the Main Menu. You will use the same form and follow the same process that we discussed in Lesson 2 for entering records online through Web Entry.

If you used Web Entry to enter your records manually, you can continue to use Web Entry to add records. MIRCal stores all your records in one group, regardless of whether you use the Manual Record Entry or Add Records function to enter them.

Deleting Records
Deleting records may resolve certain types of errors (for example, duplicate records).

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