Sample screen

The Listing of Records with Standard Edit Errors is displayed.

A Reviewed
The S column refers to the type of error, S for Standard Edits. The individual Record Correction Form, which we will look at next, includes an optional checkbox that you can mark when you finish correcting the errors in that one record. If you mark the Record Correction Form checkbox and save the record, an “X” appears in this column on this Listing of Records page. When you or another user come back to make more corrections, you can use the reviewed column as a reference to see which records have been completely or partially corrected.
B Sequence Number
MIRCal assigns sequence numbers to your records when you save a record in Web Entry or when MIRCal processes your data file. The sequence numbers reflect the order in which you entered the records or the order in which the records appear within your data file.
C Record Data
Displays entries from various fields in the record.
D Last User Logon ID
The user name of the last person who saved this record. If the record has not been opened and saved in MIRCal, this column is blank.

E Last Date Corrected
The date on which the record was last saved. If the record has not been opened and saved in MIRCal, this column is blank.
F Delete Selected Records
Allows you to select multiple records for deletion. To delete records click the checkbox next to each record you want to delete and then click Delete Selected Records.

To re-sort the list, click any blue column heading.

To view a record, click any entry in the row for that record.

In our scenario, Jane's 85 record data file contained three records with Standard Edit errors. In the example screen, you can see that her Standard Edit listing includes only those records. She is now going to correct the first record in the list.

To continue, click 6 in the Sequence Number column.

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