Sample screen

The Listing of Records Added or Corrected Online is displayed. This page lists all the records you've entered or corrected online but haven't submitted (we'll discuss correcting records in Lesson 4). These records will remain in MIRCal until you submit them.

The list includes the following information:

A Blank or Invalid Errors
Indicates whether or not the record contains blank or invalid errors. If any of your records contain validation errors, “YES” is displayed to remind you to correct those errors before you submit the records.
B Sequence Number
This is the number MIRCal assigned to the record when you saved it. MIRCal numbers your records sequentially, so the sequence numbers reflect the order in which you entered the records.

C Record data
Displays entries from various fields in the record.
DLast User Login ID
Displays the MIRCal User ID of the last user who viewed this record.
E Delete checkbox
Allows you to select multiple records for deletion. To delete records, click the checkbox next to each record you want to delete, and then click Delete Selected Records.
F Total Pages
Displays the total number of pages in the records list. Clicking a page number takes you to the list of records on that page.

To re-sort the list, click any blue column heading.

To view a record, click any entry in the row for the record (for example, “YES” or “2”).

In our scenario, Anne's record is ready for submission. Although you wouldn't normally submit just one record, we're going to submit Anne's record so that you can see how it's done.

To continue, under Web Entry in the Main Menu, click Submit Records.

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