Sample screen

The Error Reports and Corrections page lists all the reports available in MIRCal for the data type and report period you selected when creating your reporting profile.

Report Description
Edit Programs, Summary and Detail Provide more specific information on the errors found by each program.
Data Distribution Provides a summary of each data element and lists the numeric and percentage breakdown of records within each data element category.
External Causes of Morbidity Report which summarizes the external cause codes and place of occurrence codes reported in each Type of Care.

In Lesson 4 we'll show you how to use the Edit Program error reports to help you correct your data, and how you can start making corrections from this page. For now, we're just going to discuss viewing, printing, and saving these reports.

As discussed in Module 2: Basics for All Users, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the reports. To open a report, click View in the column and row for the report you want to open.

In our scenario, Jane wants to open the Trend Edit Summary report.

To continue, click View in the Trend Edits row, Summary Report column.

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