• You must create a reporting profile each time you log on to MIRCal.
  • Test submissions can help you identify errors in the facility's data before you formally submit it. The following table summarizes the similarities and differences between test and formal submissions.
    Test Formal
    The file can contain partial data for the report period, so you can start submitting test data as soon as the report period is available. The file must contain data for the entire report period.
    Same as formal submission. MIRCal processes the data through the edit programs, and generates error reports that list any errors found in the data.
    You are told if the file is at or below the established ETL (submission status will be “Below ETL - Submit As Formal By Due Date”). If it's not at or below ETL, the file is rejected. The submitted file is formally approved or rejected.
    If the file is at or below ETL but contains errors, those errors can be corrected and the file can be resubmitted. If the file is approved, no further corrections can be made even if the file contains errors.
    If the file is rejected, you are notified of the errors. The errors can be corrected and the file can be submitted as a test submission as many times as you like, until it is at or below ETL. Using repeated test submissions, you can feel confident that the file will be approved when you formally submit it. If the file is rejected, the errors must be corrected and the file must be resubmitted by the due date.
  • Data files must be in text file format (.txt).
  • Data files larger than 3 MB must be “zipped” (compressed) using WinZip®, PKZIP®, or gzip.
  • When you submit a file, wait for it to be processed before you submit another. The second file you submit will overwrite the first.
  • When you submit a file, print a copy of the submission confirmation page for your records.
  • MIRCal processes the submitted file and provides your submission results, usually within 24 hours.

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