Sample screen

In the next section, select the roles for the user. You can grant access to one or any combination of roles for a user.

Roles determine which MIRCal functions a user will be able to access.

This role... Allows the user to...
Delete Records
Enter web records and make online corrections.
Submit Data  Submit data files manually or by uploading file.
Error Detail Reports View detailed error reports (patient-level data).
Error Summary Reports View summary error reports (no patient-level data).
  1. In the Roles Available list, select a role to assign to the user. To select multiple roles, hold down the Ctrl key and then select the roles.
  2. Click the >>Select button to add the role to the Roles Granted to this User list.

In the example screen, Pam has selected roles that will allow Dave to view error detailed and error summary reports.

In the final section, we'll assign a user name and password. Before we do, let's look at the rules you'll need to follow.

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