• You must create a reporting profile each time you log on to MIRCal.
  • Only a UAA can create Facility User accounts.
  • A UAA cannot create a user account for another UAA or for a DA. Only OSHPD can create these accounts.
  • As a UAA, you will be contacted by Facility Users if they have problems with their accounts or if they need to change their user information.
  • On the Add New User page, fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are required.
  • The Unique Employee ID should be an identifier that is unique to the user and not widely known by other people, such as a human resources number, badge number, etc. Do not use a Social Security number.
  • The Roles assigned in a user account determine which MIRCal functions the user will be able to access.
  • User names and passwords are case sensitive (“D” and “d” are not the same).
  • User names must contain 6–15 alphanumeric characters and cannot contain spaces or special characters (* / & $ %, etc.). Example: PamSmith01
  • Passwords must contain 8–16 characters, must be alphanumeric (at least one alpha and one numeric character), and cannot contain spaces or special characters. Example: bluesky2
  • A user's password cannot be the same as his/her user name.

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